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Hire Information Results to keep your software, hardware and services in order.

computer support

Modern devices are getting more reliable, but there are still snags along the way.

Our proactive approach keeps ahead of potential problems, by following standardized procedures and keeping up with preventative maintenance.

We can also proactively monitor your devices, knowing right away when there’s a problem that needs to be looked into.


Take your business communications to a new level with a cloud-based phone system.

Today’s phone systems are light years ahead of those by Ma Bell. 

Within 4 weeks we can replace your traditional phone system with a flexible cloud-based system, and likely save big on your monthly bill.


Busy organizations tend to fall behind on maintenance of software and licenses. Licenses can expire without notice and software can get out of date, stopping your business in its tracks.

When you hire Information Results, we assign a staff member to keep an inventory of what you have, and proactively keep it all up to date.



Think about it. Businesses today work almost entirely online. 

Information Results manages your routers, WiFi and infrastructure. We can also move your devices and network during an office move.

We also have you covered with upgrades – or a completely new network.


Give your business a professional image with email @ your-domain-name.

Whether you need 1 email address or dozens, we have the reliable hosted email your business requires. 

All email vendors are not created equal — trust us to keep your email up and running!



Your domain name is vital  to your business and to lose access to it would be disastrous.

Unfortunately, business owners are so busy that keeping track of their domains may not be at the top of the list.

Our team is super-organized and are expert at keeping track on those details.  Trust us to take care of your domains and keep them renewed. 


What People Are Saying

From initial contact to the completed installation of a new phone system, Information Results Corporation was superb in addressing our needs and making requested adaptations along the way.

It was a joy working with Michael Woffenden -- his knowledge and insights were an asset in getting our phone communications up-and-running smoothly!

Fr. Frank Silva

Pastor, Holy Family and St. Irene’s Collaborative, Concord, MA

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