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Phone System FAQ

Can I use my existing phones number(s) with your service?

Yes.  We will take care of porting your existing phone numbers to your new phone system.

Can I use my existing phones with your service?

It depends on the type of phones you’re currently using.  Contact us directly and we can let you know.

Can I have phones at multiple locations?

Yes.  For example, you could have phones at two business locations, plus a phone at your home office.  They would all be integrated into a single system, and people could dial each other at their respective extensions.

Can I route calls to my cell phone when I'm not in the office?

Yes.  Full call-routing features are available with your new phone system.

Can you duplicate our existing voice prompts and extensions?

Yes, we can.  During the initial interview we will ask a number of questions to determine just what you need.  We can replicate your system exactly, or make tweaks and improvements as well.

What other equipment, besides phones, will we have to purchase?

Our system runs “in the cloud” (fancy term for web-based) and so there’s normally no additional hardware needed.  However, in some cases there might be some upgrades required to your local network.

I want to sign up. How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started.  Simply us a call at 978-776-9586, or contact us online.  Our phone system quotes are easy and quick – we’ll get things rolling right away!

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