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Computer & Network Support FAQ

Do we need a minimum number of computers/devices to sign up for your services?

We don’t have a specific minimum.  During our initial consultation with you, we look at your entire office and determine what level of service your business needs.

What types of devices do you support?

We support the following devices:

  • Windows desktops/laptops
  • Mac desktops/laptops
  • Windows servers
  • Desktop phones
  • Related networking hardware/software

How are you able to keep track of all our computers and network?

Our specialized software is able to securely monitor your network, computers and WiFi.  It proactively notifies us in the event that there are any issues that need to be addressed with your environment.

Do you do residential computer/network support?

No.  We only service business locations.

Do you do work remotely, or on-site?

Most of our work can be done remotely, which means we can service all of the U.S. and Canada.

If onsite visits are needed, we can do this within 20 miles of our Boxboro, MA office.

Do you run ethernet cable for customers?

Yes, as part of an existing phone system or networking project.

How quickly do you respond to customer requests for help?

It depends on the priority of the request.  When you create a Service Request, you assign it a Priority (from 1 to 5) indicating the importance to you.

We act more quickly depending on the priority of the request.  Generally speaking, you can use these numbers as a guideline.


Request Priority Approx. Response Time 
1 2 hrs
2 8 hrs
3 24 hrs
4 3-5 days
5 1-2 weeks

Do you do office moves (moving computers and network between locations)?

Yes, we can do these, if the from/to business locations are both within 20 miles of our Boxboro, MA office.

How fast can we get up and running?

Generally 1 to 3 days.  Once you sign our contract, we’re able to start work immediately.

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