What is a Dial Plan?

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What is a Dial Plan?

A dial plan describes what callers hear when they dial your business phone number, and the options available.  It can greet your callers, offer information about your business, and direct people to specific departments.  Think of a dial plan as a friendly receptionist that gets callers to the right people quickly.

Dial Plan Options

There are various building blocks in a dial plan, for example:

  • Welcome your callers with a unique message.
  • Give the option to speak with different departments or people.
  • If one person doesn’t pick up, route the call to someone else.
  • Let certain calls ring multiple phones at once.
  • Know how long a caller has been waiting.
  • Play music or recorded messages when callers are on hold.
  • After hours?  Let the caller know your business hours and let them leave a message.

We Make It Easy

All of our Business Phone Systems come with a custom dial plan. You tell us about your business, and we’ll build your dial plan to match.

This makes things simpler for your callers. They don’t need to remember extensions or who handles billing. They reach someone who can help them quickly.  Dial plans are essential for any size business and will provide a very professional sound — making a great impression on your callers.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your current phone system or installing a new phone system for your small business, we’re here to make it easy, and get it done right.

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