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Why Hire Us?

Here are three great reasons.

Why hire us as your IT Support Company?

You’ve got better (and way more interesting) things to do.

As a business owner, you love what you do, which is why you started a business in the first place. But as we all know, starting a business opens the door to many “other” tasks that can’t be ignored. Think accounting, taxes, marketing, human resources and yes, information technology.

Keeping your computers, software and network running at peak performance, and avoiding the dreaded downtime – yes – that all has to get done.

You can’t afford to spend oodles of time fixing this stuff.

So maybe you “wing it” for a while, thinking, “how hard can this be”? Until Microsoft Word refuses to start, or Outlook stops fetching your mail. Or your internet is suddenly down and nobody has a clue how to get it back. Now you’re staring at losing several hours of your day, or more, to fix the issue. And that’s just this episode. Others are sure to follow.

Because it’s the smart choice. (And you're smart.)

Put simply, some things are better left to the experts.

Experts have the experience, efficiencies, resources and processes in place to provide the service you need at scale. And the checklists and schedules that take the guesswork out of getting the job done.

Oh, and we love it all, because that’s why we started our own business too. Small business IT support is our passion.

We do the preventative maintenance that you don’t want to do. We monitor your network and systems. We make sure it’s all working.

In short, we do it all, so you don’t have to think about it. Any of it.

Which leaves you happy and free to do what you love.


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