Introducing your Service Desk

Take a peek at this core piece of how we help customers.

We’ve been working for years to bring you the best computer and network support in the industry

We don't just talk about proving great support ...

Many companies claim to provide great support, but we all know too well … there are precious few who get it right.

At Information Results, since 2005, we have made it our mission to prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team strives to empathize with our customers on a daily basis, putting ourselves in their shoes.  

  • Are we using terms and language the customer can relate to?
  • Are we avoiding “tech-talk”?
  • Are we responding fast enough?
  • Are we actually solving the customer’s problem?

Our approach is friendly, no-nonsense, very practical, and focused on what our customers need … and when they need it.


Introducing ... Your Service Desk

The Customer Service Desk at Information Results Corporation

The Customer Service Desk

Yes, it’s your Service Desk.  It’s easy to use … and it’s designed to meet you where you are.

How does it work?  We create a Service Desk account for each staff member at your business.  Once logged in, your staff has direct access to our team from a single interface.

  • Create a new Service Request
  • Define details of your request
  • View past Service Requests
  • Exchange messages with us
  • Upload screen shots

The core “unit of work” is a Service Request.  The Service Desk contains all the files, communication and details that we need to assist you, and to keep you updated!

Connect with us instantly!

The Service Desk is designed with your team in mind.  As soon as you send us your Service Request, we see it (yes, in an instant!).

You set the priority of the Service Request, so we know right away if your need is urgent.  And when we respond back to you, you’ll get an email notification.  If a request will take more than a few minutes to complete, we’ll reach out regularly to keep you up to date on progress.

To clarify and resolve your request, we follow up using other channels:

  • Phone
  • Remote screen sharing
  • In-person visits

We hope this summary gives you a sense of how we work with customers.  Join us today and experience the difference our commitment to you can make in your business!

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