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Cloud Phone Systems


Today’s phone systems are light years ahead of those by Ma Bell.

Take your business communications to a new level with a

modern cloud-based phone system.


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Today’s modern phone systems provide amazing features at an affordable price.
Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you upgrade:
  • higher quality audio
  • free local and long-distance calling
  • move your phones to a different office or building as you wish
  • display your business phone extensions on your home office phone
  • add or remove phone numbers and extensions in minutes

We feature the ever popular Polycom line of office phones.  If you already have your own VOIP-enabled phones, our service will likely work with them as well.

If you are ready to schedule your installation, or just want to talk it over, we’re here for you.


What People Are Saying

From initial contact to the completed installation of a new phone system, Information Results Corporation was superb in addressing our needs and making requested adaptations along the way. It was a joy working with Michael Woffenden — his knowledge and insights were an asset in getting our phone communications up-and-running smoothly!
Fr. Frank Silva

Pastor, Holy Family and St. Irene’s Collaborative, Concord, MA

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